Take the Driver Seat. 

Focus on what matters most,
Gain perspective,
& Create your story.

View52 in a nutshell: The greatest superpower we possess as humans is our ability to create and tell stories.  Every great story starts with a compelling plot. View52 is a life planning application that seeks to visualize, contextualize and optimize your life’s story. 


Powerful Tools
at your Fingertips.

Prioritize & Rank
Center yourself.  Take inventory and focus on the highest priorities in your life. 
Trace “The Greats” – visualize different paths based upon mentors, historical figures, and industry knowledge.
Calendar & Scope
Whether your planning your day or planning the next 5 years, View52 allows you to define measurable items to make conscious decisions.
Revise & Reframe
Continually build your Views to enhance your planning experience and provide better insights into what matters most. 

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